Well……what a year this has been!  At Spires Accommodation we have been working flat out to keep Corporate Key Workers and the NHS in accommodation so that they can carry on working and keeping the country going.  We have accommodated our guests at a reduced cost to help a little in  this terrible time.

Our Burton on Trent apartments have been fully booked with workers from the food industry.  Afterall that is very key to the country having good health and staying alive.  Things have been extremely busy amongst the food producers as Joe Public went into panic mode and stock-piled everything from toilet rolls to tins of food.  It was really like they were expecting a war!

Our apartments kept running as we begged and pleaded for toilet rolls for our guests and ran around looking for milk for their tea. 

Our self-catering apartments are always stocked up with all the little extras that are needed when you are away from home and we even try to think of the unexpected.  For those who forget their toothbrushes or toothpaste, for the tired traveller who just wants to get in, relax and open a cool bottle of bubbly, or for the light sleeper who wants peace and quiet and a comfortable bed.

In our Shrewsbury apartment we have had mainly NHS nurses who were drafted in from other areas.  They were working long shifts and needed to collapse in front of the tv with Netflix or Amazon Prime and, of course, our free wifi.

4th July – Independence Day and we are back *************!!

Still helping those essential key workers, but also now able to offer a great few days Staycation to those folks for whom Lockdown has been an absolute torture. 

Our beautiful Shrewsbury Apartment, Monty’s, is ready and waiting, having been especially deep cleaned with all the necessary precautions taken to keep our guests safe.  The place is sparkling and gorgeous.  It’s a very relaxing space.  Just stroll out of the front door and down to the beautiful gardens, then through the garden gate and on to the river- bank.  What better way to spend an evening than a stroll along the River Severn?  And, you may be lucky enough to find an inviting pub open for a drink or two.  Shrewsbury may be closed in many parts, but there are still plenty of things to see.  Especially if you are interested in all things historical.

Spires Accommodation  A Place to Work, Rest and Stay.

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