Blog Number 10

Crazy times and I just can’t believe that I haven’t written a blogg for a whole 20 days.

Time has flown and we still haven’t managed to open up our latest serviced accommodation in Shrewsbury apartment – Chester’s.

A whole stream of niggling problems and hiccups have been associated with finishing the final dressing of the property.

Everything was in place………………handyman/painter to remove all shelving and curtain poles, fill all the holes and then paint just 2 rooms.

We made it even easier in that both rooms were the same colour, all woodwork was the same colour as the walls, and the ceilings were the same colour as the walls!!!

I do not ‘do’ white ceilings.

But then, neither do I do white paintwork!

Therefore, no cutting in to do – just a quick paint job.

Well, he didn’t turn up on the first day (how many workmen do that? – they suddenly find another job they just have to do that can’t wait?!).

Three days later, when we arrive he has only removed all the fittings and filled the holes and painted the skirting boards!!


He informed us that he would be back on Friday and get it finished………….no, you’ve guessed it, he didn’t get it finished.

But, he said, he would be back in the morning and it would only take a couple of hours.

I had argued with the carpet fitters and had managed to get them to fit the floorings on Saturday, the furniture was being delivered on Sunday and the bed was being delivered on Monday.

How was the painter going to get the work finished?

He would be there first thing Monday morning, he said, and finish the windows and fit the blinds.

We turned up at a ‘late’ lunchtime to find him just washing his brushes…………and……….you’ve guessed it………… blinds fitted!!

So, it took him four and a half days just to paint 2 rooms and one of them is a kitchen/living room so quite a bit of the wall space is taken up with kitchen units.

Needless to say, we are looking for a new handyman as we speak!

I still haven’t mentioned that one of us measured the floor wrong (not pointing any fingers here) and the floor fitter walked off the job when he saw that he was going to run out of flooring.

We are at the point where – the bedroom is just waiting for the bed to be made up and the blinds to be fitted.

The bathroom is finished.

The living room/kitchen is waiting for the flooring to be delivered and laid and the blinds to be fitted.

Finally, a COVID enhanced clean, and then maybe we can say – WE’VE DONE IT – completed our next Serviced Apartment and it is listed online and ready to take bookings.

Fingers crossed that will be next weekend.

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