Blog Number 11

This latest blog has been a long time coming – we have been so busy building our serviced accommodation business in Burton on Trent, Lichfield and Shrewsbury – and now Cannock.

So much enjoyable and rewarding work designing, planning and furnishing these serviced apartments.

Then marketing and chatting to numerous guests who were immediately queueing up to book our availability.

Serviced accommodation provides such a scope of opportunity.

Our Burton on Trent serviced apartments have been fully booked throughout the Covid pandemic.

This being a very busy part of the food industry for this country, we have kept our standards extremely high to be able to remain as the ‘go to’ accommodation for its key workers.

We have been awarded Super Host by Airbnb twice so far this year.

With the closure of hotels demand has flooded in and our cleaners have been doing a Stirling job of Covid standard cleans.

We have not had any cases of Covid within our company or within our group of guests who regularly visit us.

Serviced accommodation in Lichfield has become the hub of the care industry around the City.

These precious key workers have worked throughout and, with the long hours they work, have desperately needed the comfort and homeliness of our cottage in Lichfield.

Cannock serviced accommodation is a relatively new area for us, but with the help of one of the largest landlords in that part of the region, we have rented and set up 2 gorgeous new apartments in the beautiful Grade II listed Whitehouse.

Since we first opened, care workers, again have been our key guests, along with the few couples who have legitimate need to visit the area for family reasons.

Shrewsbury has slowly plodded through the pandemic with a few NHS care workers needing serviced accommodation during lockdown, along with key workers who keep the transport links of the country going.

Now this area of serviced accommodation is helping overseas parents re-establish their children back into the very famous Shrewsbury School.

We are so glad that we have been able to find our place in these different market needs during this terrible time and that our standards for all of our serviced accommodation have remained high.

Here’s to serviced accommodation and the Staycation boom – Burton on Trent, Lichfield, Cannock and Shrewsbury.

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