Blog Number 14

Another update for you on how our business is building at Spires Accommodation Limited and what we have been up to today.

We have been over to Swadlincote to see a new property – this time a house but still to be used for Serviced Accommodation.

It’s a lovely spacious 2 bedroomed property and ideal for our guests to relax or stay in after a tiring day working away from home.

We are struggling with a name though!

All of our properties are named as it gives them a much bigger appeal on the bookings channels and also we feel it easier to talk about The Malthouse than just number 29.

So in Burton on Trent we have The Malthouse 25 and the Malthouse 29, The Mews, Cooper’s and Brewsters.

In Lichfield we have the Nook for our lovely cottage.

In Shrewsbury we have Monty’s and Chester’s for our two apartments and in Cannock we have Lincoln’s, Gatsby’s and Victoria’s.

Now on to Swadlincote, the home of coal mining and the pottery industry (Cornishware).

I’ve run through The Kiln, The Pot but nothing gels with me, as yet.

Best to get this serviced accommodation in Swadlincote furnished and designed and then, hopefully, something will come to me.

I’ve even Googled, Swadlincote, famous people from Swadlincote, things to do with a pottery but nothing yet!

Victoria’s in Cannock is almost ready to market with just a few tweaks like curtains and some more pictures.  We will be launching it on the main online travel agents this weekend.

Let’s see how it goes.

We are usually rushed off our feet from the first go get.

As a business, we are often in dispute about just what people are looking for in a serviced accommodation and just how far we should go with decoration and furnishing.

I like to design each one individually and set a theme for them, fill them with luxury items and provide all the little extras I feel my guests would need.

I add bottled water, milk, prosecco, coffee, tea, specialist coffee maker, biscuits and all of their shower gels, and shampoos in the bathroom.

I also leave spare toothpastes and toothbrushes just in case they forget to pack their own.

All of our linens and towels are professionally washed at very high temperatures and they are white so that our guests can see just how clean they are.

If we have a small outdoor space or a balcony we add a couple of outdoor chairs and a table so they can take their morning coffee in the fresh air………am I going too far?

Some would say I am, as many of our guests are corporate guests who may not care, as long as they are warm and can cook their meals.

But for me it is the extra cushions and throws, the plump pillows and the mattress toppers that make our serviced accommodations, a service.

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