Blog Number 6

These are my latest musings on a miserable and damp day in July.

Very much looking forward to some better and warmer weather, but to be fair, I really wouldn’t have time to enjoy the sunshine at this week.

We thought we were busy last week…………….and the week before…………….and the week before that.  BUT, unlike the weather, things are hotting up even more and our feet just haven’t got time to touch the ground!

Apartments number 8 and 9 are now in the pipeline and they are in 2 different parts of the country.  We are so excited, but we realise that we need to get this business systemised and leveraged very quickly.

This week besides viewing 7 properties, we have had to replace 2 cleaners – again in different areas.  Unfortunately, both cleaners had family health problems and had no choice but to put their families first.  This is understandable and we wouldn’t want them to do anything else.  Both have been replaced by professional cleaning companies.  This is the way I should have gone right at the beginning of the business, and I see it clearly now.  I wouldn’t have been any having to cover holidays and sickness, and as I hate cleaning, this would have been a huge relief.  Anyway, we are all sorted now so its onward and upward to start planning the decoration and themes for these 2 new properties and get them listed and marketed as quickly as possible.

Now this is the part I just love so I have colour swatches and pictures of furniture and accessories are being ordered and arriving every day.  Our cottage is, once again, getting swamped in apartment essentials.

There is another job to get completed – sorting out a storage unit so that all the stuff I collect towards a new apartment goes straight there and doesn’t come into my office.

I am a great believer of lists (having attended a Franklin Covey Time Management Course 4 times!  Yes, I liked the new diary each time.  Obviously those were different times, when we actually wrote things down in paper diaries, but Franklin Covey had some awesome ones.  But now off to write another list……..

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