Blog Number 8

Well, this is certainly a wet and windy Monday for us all!

Never mind, there are plenty of jobs to do with the relaxing of lockdown.  Everyone seems to be visiting family they haven’t seen for some time and the bookings are pinging across every few minutes.

If you feel you need to get away, but the thought of a hotel terrifies you (as it does me) and, going abroad is just not an option, just in case your destination is added to the list of 2 weeks quarantine upon return, they where would you like to go in the UK?

Some would say to the sea- side, or the riverbank, and some of you, no doubt, are really missing relatives and just want a family get together as soon as you can.  Take a look at our apartments.

We have 5 in Burton on Trent, where we find lots of folks stay when they are visiting their loved ones.  They are both one and two bedroomed apartments………., but book quickly, as we are constantly filling up. 

We also attract walkers, who visit the Derbyshire countryside within a short distance of our apartments, walk along the river, or visit Hatton Park and the Brewery Museum.

What about a Staycation in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury?  Our apartment, Monty’s is yards from the River Severn and also yards away from the town centre.  As more pubs and restaurants are now opening their doors you are sure to find somewhere beautiful and interesting to eat or drink.  Across from our apartment and through a passageway is a beautiful garden right on the side of the river – a lovely place to take your picnic and stay safe distancing.  Then stroll along the riverbank and watch the sun setting in the distance.  Just a few nights away can make all the difference to your stress levels and help you feel more relaxed.

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