Blog Number 9

A very hot and yet another very busy week.

Our campaign on LinkedIn is proving very successful and we now have lots of investors and landlords checking us out and talking to us.

There will be lots of deals coming through for the future as we develop these relationships.

We are still viewing properties and saw one yesterday in an absolutely beautiful house.

Unfortunately , the apartment itself needed lots of work doing on it.

We were happy to undertake the decoration and minor details, but as the bath had no enamel left on the surface, we did expect the landlord to address this as well as the damp in the kitchen!

However, he is not prepared to do that, so the deal was never going to go any further!

It’s a case of rundown apartments get inferior quality tenants who don’t maintain the property, so it goes even further downhill.

Such a shame, as we had big plans for such a beautiful building and would have been happy to take over the whole block eventually.

From the gorgeous Minton hall flooring, to the covings on the high ceilings, we could have made it into something special.

Oh well, onward and upwards and on to the next.

At the moment though, we have 3 opening up later this month, so it’s all hands on deck to get the furnishings finished and order all the necessary pots, pans and everything a guest is going to need for their stay.

Our own house resembles an Amazon warehouse with boxes stacked up to the ceiling and furniture squeezed into spare corners.

Our garden room with hot tub is completely out of commission as its impossible to get passed cases of pillows and duvets along with the odd microwave!!

It’s way too hot for a hot tub anyway, so no problem with this.

Bookings are still coming in thick and fast as everyone needs to get a break away or a trip to visit family they haven’t seem for months.

This is a message I had from a guest who visited us from Germany last week:

Spires Accommodation Text Blog 9

And that lets us know that we are getting it right and that is very rewarding.

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