1.  Give your apartment a few days between guests to help any nasties airborne to have died off

2. Meticulously clean every inch of the apartment including TV controls, light switches, door handles, key- safe, anywhere someone may touch….in fact every single surface.

3. Leave cleaning products for your guests to use if necessary. Antibacterial wipes, bleach and disposable cloths are a necessity.

4. Be available, as we are at Spires Accommodation, for any emergency and to help any guests.

5. Only accommodate key workers, relocation and emergency accommodation and stay within the law.

Spires Accommodation are happy to say that we have been able to accommodate Corporate Key Works in our Burton on Trent apartments and NHS Key Workers in our Shrewsbury apartment and stay within the government legislations and guidelines whilst helping these people to keep our country running smoothly.

All of our standards must remain on high alert as this virus is not going to go away and, to keep the wheels turning in industry and to give leisure guests a great place to stay for the future.  Once they can start to travel, we want all types of guests to feel confident to come back into our apartments.

Everyone wants to feel safe and they have to right to stay, in, not only a beautiful apartment, but also in a clean and safe apartment.  COVID-19 has made us all think of the very simple things that keep us safe.  Like washing our hands for 20 seconds and regularly, being able to see our family and (maybe soon) being able to give them a hug.

As soon as the time is right, we will be welcoming our leisure guests to stay with us and take a much- needed break with their families.  No worries about staying in a hotel room in close proximity of other guests.  This way they can stay in our serviced apartments, cook their own food if they want to, and stay socially distanced from other people but within their own family group for some bonding time.

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